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Stylize in Midjourney: 5 Parameters to Elevate Your Creations.

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Stylize in Midjourney: An Overview

In today’s digital age, the art of creation has been revolutionized with tools and platforms that transform imagination into visual spectacles. Among these transformative platforms, Midjourney stands out as a leading choice for artists and designers.

Midjourney allows users to breathe life into their visual concepts, making their artistic visions a tangible reality. By offering a range of parameters, this powerful software tailors every piece of artwork to the user’s preferences. Whether it’s tweaking the aspect ratios for that perfect frame, experimenting with chaos for a touch of unpredictability, or selecting a specific style from various model versions, Midjourney ensures a personalized experience.

The platform’s inherent flexibility isn’t just limited to its expansive parameter list. Its ability to adjust and experiment with rendering quality, as well as the choice to create multiple jobs from a single prompt, emphasizes Midjourney’s commitment to catering to all artistic needs.

In essence, Stylize in Midjourney is not just a feature—it’s an invitation to a world where technology meets art, and the results are nothing short of extraordinary.

Aspect Ratios

–aspect (or you can also use –ar): Think of this like adjusting the shape of your photo or image. Just like you decide whether a picture should be more square or more like a rectangle, this command lets you change the shape of the image you’re creating in Midjourney. In simple terms, it helps you decide how wide or tall your image should be!

The difference between the default ratio and the –ar 9:16


–chaos: Imagine you have a box of crayons and you’re deciding how wild or calm your drawing should be. The –chaos command is like choosing how many different crayon colors you want to use in your drawing. A higher number will make your Midjourney image look more wild and unexpected, while a lower number will keep things more predictable. It’s a fun way to add a surprise element to your creations!

The difference between the result when the chaos parameter is set to default (left) and 100 (right)


–no: Imagine you’re a chef, and someone tells you they want a pizza but without olives. You’d make the pizza and leave out the olives, right? The –no command in Midjourney works similarly. It’s a way to tell the program, ‘Hey, I want this picture, but please leave out this specific thing.’ So, if you type –no plants, you’re asking Midjourney to create an image without any plants in it. It’s like giving special instructions to make sure you get exactly what you want!

Prompt: A beautiful princess in her 20s, Disney style –no candle


–weird: Imagine a color pallet with hues that range from “expected and normal” to “wild and wacky.” From left to right, if you moved your finger around this palette, you would see that things began to change and become more bizarre. Similar to that slider is the –weird parameter in Midjourney. Your designs may initially appear predictable and familiar. However, when you raise the bar for “weird,” Midjourney will be forced to look outside the box and will add unusual and occasionally unexpected features to your image. To watch what entertaining and unique outcomes you can produce, it’s like turning up the volume on creation.

Prompt: A beautiful princess in her 20s, Disney style –weird 3000 –s 250


Imagine a puzzle where each piece perfectly complements every other component, resulting in a continuous pattern with no discernible edges. This is how Midjourney’s –tile argument functions. When this option is turned on, Midjourney creates a picture that may be repeated smoothly, top-to-bottom or side-by-side, without any unpleasant gaps or mismatches. It’s ideal for designs that call for a flawless, repeating pattern, such as backgrounds, wallpapers, or other visual elements. Imagine it as the wand that can transform a single work of art into an endless canvas!

Prompt: A beautiful princess in her 20s, Disney style –tile –s 250

I don’t think you’ll know if you look at it like this, so I’ll pattern it a little smaller.

Seamless patterns are well-made


It is clear from navigating Midjourney’s various capabilities that the platform provides tools that have the potential to reinvent digital artwork. These five criteria aren’t just settings; they’re also doors to artistic freedom and original expression.

Understanding how to use these Midjourney capabilities can take your creations to new heights whether you’re just starting out or have years of experience. Finding the ideal combination of settings that complement your vision through experimenting is where the real beauty is found. Accept the journey, gain knowledge from each invention, and let the talents of Midjourney inspire your next masterpiece.

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